Tax strategy for health and fitness businesses and entrepreneurs.

Money Muscle.
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You give your clients strategies for optimal health and wellness. We develop tax strategies for optimal savings and money in your pocket.

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Tax Planning

We take a proactive approach to implement tax strategies to keep money in your pocket.

Tax Preparation

We take all the stress out of preparing taxes as a one-stop-shop. We do it all.

Tax Maintenance

Life changes quickly. Money Muscle makes sure our strategies change with it.

Tax Secrets by Money Muscle

We built this private Facebook™ group for growth-minded health and fitness entrepreneurs like yourself. We share tips, tricks, and strategies on paying less taxes and keeping more cash to fuel your personal and business growth goals.

Permanently reduce your taxes today.

Healthier tax planning

Health and fitness professionals help others get the most benefits from their health and wellness. Let us help you create long-term tax strategies to get the tax breaks you may be missing.

Diamond in the rough

Every body is a diamond in the rough. We will hone your taxes to drop the weight keeping you from saving the most money possible.

Advisors looking out

We look out for your money and you’ll receive one-on-one time with a dedicated advisor throughout the year.

More ways to save

With access to our private Facebook group, Tax Secrets, you will get constant content with tips, tricks, and Q&A available as our client.

Ashley Shepherd

CEO and Founder

Ashley Shepherd is a Certified Public Accountant turned entrepreneur who focuses on helping gym owners, personal trainers, and other health and fitness professionals lower their tax liability through proactive tax planning and strategy implementation, ultimately to help keep more cash in their pockets.

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